Main events for the year 2007 main business and economic events for 2007 Odiris Perera widely regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s best known entrepreneurs in the post independence era passed away this week at the age of 94. Odiris (as he was popularly known and to many as Odiris Silva) was responsible for bringing products such as gas stoves,

Odiris – End of an era

Today we pay tribute to one of Sri Lanka’s greatest entrepreneurs who revolutionised the kitchen with a product that is still unmatchable – the ubiquitous semi-mechanised coconut scraper. Who could do without it, nowadays? Even coconut powder from Nestle’s and other companies, though convenient, haven’t still matched the competitive power of the coconut scraper. Odiris

Life saving new invention

By Shezna Shums Odiris Engineering Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. owner, N.W.Odiris Perera has invented ” a self dousing wick closing lamp” with the idea of reducing the number of accidental lamp burn injuries. In 1998 Perera had seen on TV images of burnt victims where the accidents were due to kerosene lamps toppling over, setting fire,

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