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Mr. Wilson Perera – Chairman

Wilson, as the eldest son of Odiris and a key figure in the second generation of the company, is at the forefront of guiding Odiris in the right direction. His expertise in engineering consultation, product management, and administration contributes significantly to the company’s success. With a strong commitment to Odiris’ corporate vision and mission, Wilson places a high value on product quality, ensuring that each Odiris release to the market meets the highest standards. Through his leadership, Odiris continues to thrive and uphold its commitment to excellence.

Mr. Karunasiri Perera – Director

Karunasiri brings a wealth of administrative expertise to Odiris, specializing in workforce management, production oversight, and leadership in human resources development. With an impressive career spanning 40 years, his extensive experience is a source of pride for the company. As a seasoned professional, Karunasiri plays a crucial role in steering Odiris towards operational excellence and fostering the professional growth of its workforce.

Mr. Jayasiri Perera – Director

Jayasiri is the visionary force driving the production range at Odiris. With a wealth of expertise in engineering, product management, and a deep understanding of product life cycles, he has been a versatile industrialist for over 36 years. His profound knowledge and leadership play a pivotal role in shaping and enhancing Odiris’ production capabilities.

Mr. Isura Sirisena – Head of Operations

Isura holds a Bachelor of Business Management from Northwood University, USA, and a Bachelor of Law (Hons) from the University of Wolverhampton, UK. As a seasoned Company Secretary with a career spanning back to 2008, Isura has garnered extensive experience working with renowned international brands. Since 2020, he has been at the helm of operations at Odiris, a position he assumed after successfully contributing to various aspects of the business. As a key member of the third generation of Odiris, Isura actively engages in financial management, operational oversight, and business development, steering the company towards continued growth and success.

Mr. Eranga Kumara – General Manager

A retired commissioned officer of the Sri Lanka Army , 22 years of active service with wide ranging knowledge and expertise on other peripheries as well. It includes knowledge and experiences in strategic and tactical ground operational matters, project management, human resource management, intelligence, logistic management, administration and handling military – civil coordination in the Sri Lanka Army both in times of war and peace. And also worked with military, civilian staff and public officials as well. Obtained the Diploma in public Management from University of Sri Jayawardanapura.

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