#1000 Diamond Whetstone Sharpening Grit Stone

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Material: Emery
Color: silver
Whetstone: 1000#
Dimensions: 150mm x 63mm x 3mm
Thickness: 3mm

1. The diamond grinding stone is specially designed for high-precision grinding, due to the hardness characteristics of diamond, the material hardly wears, and the grinding stone has a long service life
2. The diamond plate honing stone can be used for sharpening knives, wood chisels, planers, scissors, garden tools, woodworking tools, jade, stamps, stamp knives and chamfering of glass bricks in the home kitchen
3. Compared with traditional grindstones, the advantages of these grindstones are that the grinding surface remains absolutely flat, no grooves will be formed after a long time, light weight, compact structure and practicality. This whetstone is easy to handle, so you can take it with you when you travel without taking up space

NOTE: Be sure to wash the knives after sharpening them; for good results use water or honing oil, it is only 3mm thick so it doesn’t take up much space and can be fixed on any flat surface.


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