Ceylon Today (09th August 2014)

Sri Lankan entrepreneurship has always had a vibrant history of innovation – the story of Odiris Engineering is one such story. In 1952, when Odiris Perera set out to start a unique venture, his aspirations were both ground breaking and noble. He was a devout Buddhist and a man committed to giving his customers the best he could. Today, as Odiris Engineering looks back on a long journey outlining a unique heritage, there’s a lot there that will inspire and spur younger generations of entrepreneurs.

Odiris Engineering became a limited liability company in 1991, when the sole proprietorship was converted. The COO of the company today, Isura Sirisena, a dynamic young professional who recalls his great grand uncle’s firm convictions and business principles, says that in keeping with the times, the company has grown in many ways.

“Odiris Perera never believed in adapting‘tactics’ to sell the products he manufactured with a high sense of quality and pride. He was confident of the quality of the products he pioneered. I still remember him saying that customers purchase our products with their hard earned money and so it was our duty to provide them with the maximum satisfaction when they buy our products.”

True to its outstanding engineering capabilities, Odiris Engineering Management Team consists of 03 technical directors who possess exceptional engineering expertise in engineering, production and engineering consultancy in industrial and commercial sectors. The company today is headed by the eldest son of Odiris Perera, Wilson Perera , assisted by the other two Directors, Karunasiri Perera and Jayasiri Perera.

Odiris Engineering employs over 80 personnel and is still located at its original place of business, at the Ratmalana Industrial Estate and Pamankada.

” Odiris Engineering has always been driven by a philosophy of high quality, superior customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction” says Isura, ” We have never deviated from that.”